I have 3 reports currently designed on Report builder 3 that run at the same time but I want to only show each report when it is selected in the Select Report Parameter.

I know I have to go into the Chart Properties and select Visibility based on an expression but I have no idea how to construct the expression.

The Parameter includes:

Occupancy PitchNightsSold Capacity

I thought all I needed to do is write the following expression:

=IIf(Parameters!WhichReport.Value = "Occupancy", true, false)

But it doesn't seem to work, can you help?

  • Hi Ravinder, It does work but something is happening that I don't know how to fix, when I click on the Occupancy in the Parameter I am expecting to only see the Occupancy report but fro some reason I get the PitchNightsReport and Capacity reports instead. – wafw1971 Mar 11 '13 at 10:48

In the visibility property, you have to give the expression to hide the component. So you have to give true if you want to hide and false if you want to show the component. Change the expression to

=IIf(Parameters!WhichReport.Value = "Occupancy", false, true)

  • This was driving me nuts. Thank you! – HiTech Jan 24 '17 at 16:52

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