When I save the XML file in iReport, all comments are deleted.

How can I include (or preserve) comments in JRXML files?


There is no way to preserve comments; you'd have to log a bug against iReport.

You can work around the issue by using callouts:

  value="##Fri Nov 12 23:12:35 GMT-03:00 2010\\ncallouts.1.text=Hello World!\\ncallouts.1.bounds=294,80,181,73"/>

If you can't save comments you an use CallOut component form the iReport, With CallOut you can write a comment. It's not a perfect solution but can help a lot in a case you want comments on raw report

Its V3.7+ feature, more details on- http://community.jaspersoft.com/wiki/ireport-designer-v371-release-notes

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