I am trying to update my table like this:

Update MyTable 
SET value     = 1 
WHERE game_id = 1,
      x       =-4,
      y       = 8

SET value     = 2 
WHERE game_id = 1,
      x       =-3,
      y       = 7

SET value     = 3 
WHERE game_id = 2,
      x       = 5,
      y       = 2

I can do a foreach() but that will send over 50 separate Queries which is very slow. That's why I want it to be combined into 1 big Query.

( I do use an id for each row but the combination of game_id, x and y is what I use to Identify the row I need. )

The update_batch() function from codeIgniter described here: Update batch with CodeIgniter was helpful and almost perfect but it only allows for 1 single where clause, you cannot (as far as I understood and tried) enter an array with multiple where clauses.

I've also checked out this question: MYSQL UPDATE SET on the Same Column but with multiple WHERE Clauses But it only allows for multiple row updates containing only a single different WHERE clause and I need multiple WHERE clauses! :)

Anwsers can be in simple SQL or with the use of php (and CodeIgniter) or in a different way. I'd this problem to be solved in any possible way ;)

I can really use the advice/help! =D


give this a try by using CASE

Update  MyTable 
SET     value = CASE 
                     WHEN  game_id = 1 AND x = -4 AND y = 8 THEN 1
                     WHEN  game_id = 1 AND x = -3 AND y = 7 THEN 2
                     WHEN  game_id = 2 AND x =  5 AND y = 2 THEN 3
                     ELSE  value 
WHERE   game_ID IN (1,2,3) AND  -- the purpose of this WHERE clause
        x IN (-4, -3, 5) AND    -- is to optimize the query by preventing from
        y IN (8,7,2)            -- performing full table scan.
  • Thank you! I'll go and try it out now! – Dex Mar 11 '13 at 17:05
  • be sure to backup your database first :D – John Woo Mar 11 '13 at 17:05
  • 2
    It worked thanks, you're my hero! =) – Dex Mar 11 '13 at 19:04

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