I want add more columns to the tabular report. I am using bugzilla version 4.2.5. Can you please help with the files that i have to do modification to?

Thanks, Ramya


if the required field is not there in column list("Change Columns") we have to add the new field by editing the following files.


All the coloumns of the buglist are directly taken from the DB fields. For eg: ID of the buglist page is directly taken from the field bug_id of table bugs.

  • New fields can be added and arranged the order in which they have to display in the file colchange.cgi.
  • Corresponding template file of colchange.cgi is list/change-columns.html.tmpl.
  • If we need any modification in the change coloumn page we have to modify the template file list/change-columns.html.tmpl.
  • New fields added should be defined in the file field-descs.none.tmpl.

Modify the following files:

  • Added the corresponding coloumn to be displayed in the file colchange.cgi and pass the variables to the template file list/list.html.tmpl.

  • Defined the name that should be displayed in front end in the file field-descs.none.tmpl.

  • Modify the file buglist.cgi for the query that should give the
    value for the corresponding field



There are two ways to do this.

  1. When you display a report, you will find a link at the bottom that says "Change Columns". That's the wasiest way.

  2. If you wan tot change the default columns the edit the following statement in /usr/local/bugzilla-4.2.5/Bugzilla/Constants.pm and add or remove default columns.

    use constant DEFAULT_COLUMN_LIST => ( "product", "component", "assigned_to", "bug_status", "resolution", "short_desc", "changeddate" );

EDIT: Just realized that this question is two years old. I hope that it helps someone else who stumbles on it.

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