I recently took over maintaining a silverlight application from a shop in the Ukraine, and ran into an problem opening the csproj files. I checked mztools and onlinecoder, as well as googling each of them, but was unable to identify two of them:


I am currently using Visual Studio 2010 Express, if that's relevant.
Any insight as to what they are or how to find out would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

  • Are you trying to find out what application those GUID Id belongs?
    – Greg
    Mar 11, 2013 at 20:17
  • Yes, I'm hoping to find out either what application I need, or what toolkit/SDK I need to add to visual studio to be able to open and edit the files.
    – BThompson
    Mar 11, 2013 at 20:19

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88A30576-7583-4F75-8136-5EFD2C14ADFF is a CRM package GUID for plug-in packages.

You need to download the CRM 2011 SDK and install it. Then, in the SDK folder, run the tools\developertoolkit\crmdevelopertools_installer.exe

The other GUID, 4C25E9B5-9FA6-436c-8E19-B395D2A65FAF, I could not find online, but I suspect that this is just the plug-in GUID, since I only see this one in my plug-in project.


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