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void FindCrap::on_BtnAdd_clicked()
QString fnum = ui->TxtFnum->text();
QString snum = ui->TxtSnum->text();
ui->TxtAns->setText(QString(fnum.toInt() + snum.toInt()));

nothing is happening when i run this code .. not even an error . the BtnAdd doesnt work what seems to be the problem ..

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First of all be sure that your slot is called correctly. Use a qDebug()<<"something"; at the first of the slot and see whether something will be displayed in output window or not. Or simply set a breakpoint at first of the slot and debug it.
Second, change the last line :

ui->TxtAns->setText(QString(fnum.toInt() + snum.toInt()));


ui->TxtAns->setText(QString::number(fnum.toInt() + snum.toInt()));

I mean use QString::number function to convert a number to QString

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