I am trying to share a blob in a private Azure blob storage container using Python SDK, below is the code:

        accss_plcy = AccessPolicy()
        accss_plcy.start = '2013-03-12'
        accss_plcy.expiry = '2013-03-13'
        accss_plcy.permission = 'r'
        signed_identifier = 'YWJjZGVmZw=='
        sap = SharedAccessPolicy(accss_plcy, signed_identifier)
        qry_str = sas.generate_signed_query_string('picture/xxx.jpg','blob', sap)
    except Exception as ex:
        abort(400, 'Download blob fail %s'%ex)
    return sas._convert_query_string(qry_str)

Below is the query string return :


You may notice that resource=blob, but it should return sr=b.

How should I solve the problem?


It looks like a bug in the SDK. Since the code for Azure SDK is open source, you could possibly download the code and make change to this file: https://github.com/WindowsAzure/azure-sdk-for-python/blob/master/src/azure/storage/sharedaccesssignature.py. Looking at the source code in that file, you would need to change the following line of code (line 129):

convert_str += SIGNED_RESOURCE_TYPE + '=' + query_string[SIGNED_RESOURCE] + '&'


convert_str += SIGNED_RESOURCE + '=' + query_string[SIGNED_RESOURCE] + '&'

Also I noticed that you're passing blob as the resource type in your code above:

qry_str = sas.generate_signed_query_string('picture/xxx.jpg','blob', sap)

You would need to pass 'b' instead of 'blob'

qry_str = sas.generate_signed_query_string('picture/xxx.jpg','b', sap)

I think that should do the trick. Also please ensure that you submit a bug on Github so that the team responsible for maintaining the code can fix it.

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