I want to print a report based on the datasource list of a DataGridView.

I want to use Rdlc reports for this. I created the report, put a tablix in it with a DataSet named "DataSet".

Then, in the report viewer, I just delete that DataSet, and add a DataSet with the same name that contains the list(IEnumerable) I wanted. The problem is that the Tablix is not showing anything. I looked in the internet but can´t find anything related to it. Also, how can I make fields visible or invisible using the ReportViewer?

This is my code (it is in the Form´s Load event:

Sistema_financiero_Entities db = new Sistema_financiero_Entities();
IEnumerable<Cheque> cheques = db.Cheque.Where(x => x.id_cheque != 6).ToList();

ReportDataSource data = new ReportDataSource("DataSet", cheques);


Some considerations: db is the Entity framework object context. cheques is the list (in this example I´m just taking data from the db, but I will use the DataGridView datasource list, I did this just to test if this was working). rpt_Viewer is the reportViewer.


Changing IEnumerable<Cheque> cheques = db.Cheque.Where(x => x.id_cheque != 6).ToList();


List<Cheque> cheques = db.Cheque.Where(x => x.id_cheque != 6).ToList(); worked perfectly.

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