Suppose I have a default.aspx.cs in my project, but I want to make it dependent upon the default.aspx file that's linked. E.g.:

<Content Include="..\somedir\default.aspx">

This doesn't work:

<Compile Include="default.aspx.cs">

This also doesn't work:

<Compile Include="default.aspx.cs">

For both, I get this error:

The parent file, 'Default.aspx', for file 'default.aspx.cs' cannot be found in the project file.

Is it possible to have a file be dependent upon a linked file?


I tried the same thing and it seems is not supported. Check this: https://bitbucket.org/jfromaniello/nestin/issue/4/error-when-nesting-linked-files "DependentUpon does not work with linked files."

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