Is there an easy way to extract table DDL information, via a query, using either Ms or My SQL server? (preferably both?)

For example, using MySQL Administrator / Navicat for MySql, there is a "DDL" function, which generates the "create table foo (....)" script.

Is there any way to get this information from a query itself, such as:

Select DDL from foo where table_name='bar';

Any have the "Create table bar (.....)" returned to me?

If not - any suggestions?

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it's mysql-specific, but SHOW CREATE TABLE <table-name> gives you the DDL for a table.


You have to create that yourself.

You can query INFORMATION_SCHEMA.COLUMNS for the column name and data type.


You can't get the CREATE Table text in a cross platform way, but you can get enough information to build it yourself from the INFORMATION_SCHEMA views.

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