I know that perl6 will definetely allow importing perl5 code but I'm not able to do this.

Here is perl6 code

use perl5:Net::FTP;

It reports an error

Is there any configuration issue or it is not ready yet?


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Use Inline::Perl5 to embed arbitrary Perl code in Raku or use Perl libraries as if they were Raku libraries.

Inline::Perl5 appropriately packages and wraps a regular perl interpreter in MoarVM so that Rakudo can interop with Perl. The combination already supports:

  • useing Perl modules, including ones that use XS, in Raku
  • Using Perl objects in Raku and vice-versa
  • Writing, in Raku, sub-classes of Perl classes

nine, the author of the Inline::Perl5 module, has done some presentations about it and its use that are available on youtube:


According to perlwiki

note: As of May 2012, none of the Perl 6 compilers yet implement this feature.

According to adventcalendar

Some basic modules are usable through slang feature but only a few of them like Config, Cwd and English are available.

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