Normally I'd work in a git feature branch let one of my colleagues review my work before merging it to master, but I had to do some work directly in the master branch, so all of my commits are now interspersed with commits from others. I'd like to produce a diff between the current HEAD of the master branch and my previous n commits to master, so that my colleagues can review my work as if it was a single commit or patch. Is there a way to do this?


There isn't a way to do that directly. I believe that the simplest solution would likely be to create a temporary branch, then use git rebase -i naming the commit you want to use as the original in your diff as the argument. In the editor which that spawns reorder the commits so that yours appear after the other commits. You may also want to squash your commits. At that point you can easily get a single diff of your changes.

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