I love POW for Mac, what's the most similar solution for Windows?

The easiest way on a Windows pc to put a local webserver running for website testing/developing?


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It depends on which programming language/platform you'd like to start with. The most easiest way would be using the windows integrated IIS.

  1. Windows XP/2000. Click Start then Run, type inetmgr.exe and press enter. you'll have iis window opened. If not, you need install this feature by default.
  2. Windows 7/Server 2008. Click Start then Run, type optionalfeatures and press enter. Check "Internet Information Services" in the popped up window and click OK to "enable" this feature.

enable IIS

Please refer ASP.net for more information to host a website with IIS.

If you don't like C#/VB.net etc. You still can download and install Apache Tomcat in windows to use Java, PHP and other language.

  • Thanks man. I've been using xampp. Sorry for the late reply. – juanpazos Jan 22 '14 at 1:32

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