How can I import csv files into the google cloud sql service (opposed to importing a sql dump)?

Can I in some way use the squirrel client?


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I just started using Google Cloud SQL. I connected to my instance with the MySQL Workbench. I created my first table, but then I wanted to import a CSV file into that table, and it was not clear on how to do that from MySQL Workbench. So, here are the steps to do this (thanks Aimon Bustardo):

  1. Convert your CSV file to a SQL file using this site (there are other options to convert to SQL, but this is an easy service): http://csv2sql.com/
  2. From MySQL Workbench Navigator for the MySQL instance, click "Data Import/Restore"
  3. Click "Import from Self-Contained File" and then select the SQL file created in Step 1.
  4. Click "Start Import" and your data is uploaded to the Cloud!

Converting it to SQL is your best be until they have a csv importer. There are command line utilities or online services. One of which that is free: http://csv2sql.com/

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