I can't find out how to move the .approved. files to a folder of their own in Approval-tests. I guess the information is there somewhere - I just can't find it.



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The current way to do it is by annotating the fixture or at the assembly level with


If you are before version 3.2 you can create a custom namer that will handle this if you want to. The basics are:

Override the namer for your framework, and override the method SourcePath

public string SourcePath
    get { return base.SourcePath + @"\yourSubfolder"; }

Then you need to add your new namer to the stack

StackTraceParser.AddParser(new MyNamer());

Although I would ask why you want the separation of the approval files to a subdirectory of your tests? I'm sure there is a good reason, but I have found it nicer to keep them closer to my actual tests.

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    I don't like mixing executing code and data. Now these might be considered the same regarding automatic tests. I'll start with doing as you do - you have used your system longer than I have...
    – LosManos
    Mar 15, 2013 at 9:54
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    In defense of why you'd want to do this: if you've got a fair few tests in the same namespace, the number of approval files in the directory can start to hide the relatively few number of test classes (making class navigation harder)
    – piers7
    Dec 10, 2014 at 1:31

From a look at the code from Git, it looks like Llewellyn just added the following attribute...


.. to place the approvals in a subfolder called "Approvals". This appears to work at the test and class level.

This helps keep those approvals organized when there are many approval files for each unit test file.


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