I am looking for a SQL query that outputs the function definitions for all of the user defined functions in a database catalog.

I have found as far as

SELECT OBJECT_DEFINITION (OBJECT_ID(N'dbo.UserFunctionName')) AS [Object Definition]


SELECT ROUTINE_NAME FROM information_schema.routines WHERE routine_type = 'function'

but I can't think of or find a way to feed the ROUTINE_NAME list to the OBJECT_ID.

The purpose here is a searchable text of the user defined function definitions in a database for database change analysis, if something like a full SQL procedure or purposed helper program is easier, I will do that and post it.

SELECT name, definition, type_desc 
  FROM sys.sql_modules m 
INNER JOIN sys.objects o 
        ON m.object_id=o.object_id
WHERE type_desc like '%function%'
  • This answer is better for allowing easier inclusion of other columns of info if needed. Geoff's CTE also fits the bill great, I think the CTEs are a useful technique I wish I had known for other situations. Knowing about sys.sql_modules and its object_id key reference, from RandomUs1r, an IN(SELECT SUBQUERY) was best for my purposes. – stackuser83 Mar 15 '13 at 13:45

You could use a CTE:

with functions(routine_name) as 
  (SELECT ROUTINE_NAME FROM information_schema.routines WHERE routine_type = 'function')
  OBJECT_DEFINITION(OBJECT_ID(routine_name)) AS [Object Definition] 
SELECT O.name, M.definition, O.type_desc, O.type
FROM sys.sql_modules M
INNER JOIN sys.objects O ON M.object_id=O.object_id
WHERE O.type IN ('IF','TF','FN')
  • 1
    Hi tinamou, Here, we are fetching function's name, definition and Type of user defined function. user defined function can be Inline function(IF) or Scalar function(FN) or table valued function(TF). – Srikanth CHindam Jun 7 '17 at 9:26

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