In my Compass the top file has lines which include necessary plugins:

@import "compass";
@import "rgbapng";
@import "compass/css3";
@import "config";    // file that has my variables

But during compilation of a file that has @include border-radius($box-radius-small); errors out saying Undefined mixin 'border-radius' and Undefined variable: "$box-radius-small". - both of which should be included already!

Can anyone please help with this issue?

PS my packages are:

Compass 0.12.2 (Alnilam) Sass 3.2.7 (Media Mark)

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Just place the following import at the top of your scss file

@import "compass/css3";

Features of css3 :: http://compass-style.org/examples/compass/css3/

There are many other imports available out there...and you can create your own if you find yourself re-using blocks of css often enough to warrant the extra effort.


Try to @import "compass" and your "config" variable sheet in every stylesheet that uses the mixins or variables.

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    Well this is what I do in the mean time but it seems to me to be a bug. I guess I have to ping them on Github.
    – mvbl fst
    Mar 15, 2013 at 17:52

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