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Whenever I update my site with new files, I need to clear the cache every time to see the changes, which I don't want to do it...I have set expiration duration as 1 day,

Can anybody explain where is it going wrong and what's the solution?.

Thanks in advance

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You need to add random (or version-like) parameter to your scripts/css/images, like:

<script>document.write('<script src="script_path?' + Math.random() + '"\><\/script>');</script>

wich makes browser to request like script_path?0.611818 so script will nave get cached (actually it will, but always would be requested a new copy). Another way is adding version like parameter, e.g. current version of your web app is 5, so you do:

<script>document.write('<script src="script_path?' + your_version + '"\><\/script>');</script>

After each version you increase your_version parameter value by on or smth like that


Examples are shown in js, but you will do it using your backend language

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To make the browser load a file http://example.com/file.ext from server every time instead of from the cache, change the client code to point to http://example.com/file.ext?<random value>. Every time you change the file, change the random value in the link.

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