I've created my own class LocalSignup which extends the base django-allauth SignupView class with my own form and my own validation logic. The problem is that on success I cannot get the view to redirect to anything but the django LOGIN_REDIRECT_URL in my settings.py. I have included a success_url field in my class based view; I have tried overriding the get_success_url function (see below); I have also tried passing my on success redirect using LocalSignup.as_view(success_url="/add_account_select/"). None have worked. Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong?

class LocalSignup(SignupView):
    form_class = AllAuthUserForm
    template_name = 'signup/social_login.html'
    success_url = '/add_account_select/'  #reverse_lazy('add_account_select')    

    def get_success_url(self):
        return '/add_account_select/'  #reverse('add_account_select')

    def dispatch(self, request, *args, **kwargs):
        # self.sociallogin = request.session.get('socialaccount_sociallogin')
        return super(LocalSignup, self).dispatch(request, *args, **kwargs)

    def form_valid(self, form):
        ret = super(LocalSignup, self).form_valid(form)
        return ret

    def get_context_data(self, **kwargs):
        ret = super(LocalSignup, self).get_context_data(**kwargs)
                        photo_url=self.sociallogin.account.get_avatar_url() ))
        return ret
  • Just to be sure: did you alter the standard url routing such that the signup view is actually using your signup view and not the standard one? I would suggest you put a breakpoint (import pdb; pdb.set_trace()) in your method to see if it gets invoked. If it is invoked you can step through the code to see where things go wrong. I am interested in hearing the outcome... – pennersr Mar 18 '13 at 11:50
  • Thanks for the response pennersr. Yes I have stepped through my code before and I just stepped through it all again. My form validation logic (above) is called before the allauth form validation logic. My overriden LocalSignup.dispatch function is also called (after CloseableSignupMixin.dispatch and after RedirectAuthenticatedUserMixin.dispatch and after SignupView.dispatch). So the code is definitely called, but regardless it still returns the LOGIN_REDIRECT_URL HttpRedirectRepose, which I can't quite figure out. Thanks again. – Hart Lambur Mar 19 '13 at 19:10
  • The super form_valid is where the success URL is used: github.com/pennersr/django-allauth/blob/… As you can see the success URL is retrieved (which should invoke your method), and then passed to complete_signup, which in turn invokes perform_login (github.com/pennersr/django-allauth/blob/…). Your URL should be passed all the time end should end up being used as the redirect URL. Add prints or step through to confirm this. – pennersr Mar 20 '13 at 20:13
  • Thanks pennersr... I will step through this... really appreciate the response. – Hart Lambur Mar 21 '13 at 1:02

In the default view if there is "next" field in the sign-in form the view, allauth will automatically redirect to it.

<input id="login_redirect" type="hidden" name="next" value="#" />

complete form

      <form method="POST" action="{% url "account_login" %}">
        {% csrf_token %}
        <input  type="hidden" name="next" value="/add_account_select/" />
        <button type="submit" class="btn btn-primary">Sign IN</button>

Just to provide an up-to-date answer:

Using django-allauth=0.30.0, the following works nicely in views.py

from allauth.account.views import SignupView

class LocaLSignupView(SignupView):
    success_url = '/page/to/redirect/to'

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