I'm using asp.net mvc3 to upload images to web server. Problem is in dev mode when displaying images on razor view I have following to render images

@foreach (var image in Model.Photos)
   <img src="@image.Path" />                    

On page source everything seems fine, html tags are rendered like

<img src="C:\Projects\MySite\Content\uploads\Jellyfish.jpg" />
<img src="C:\Projects\MySite\Content\uploads\Lighthouse.jpg" />

On disk drive location image is correctly uploaded so everything seems ok but photo is not rendered.

Any thoughts?



Your path should correspond to your website, not your hard drive. The correct path would be: "/Images/Jellyfish.jpg". So upload it to a folder in your project and you should be fine!

Here is a complete example: Displaying an uploaded image in MVC 3 Razor


The value of @image.Path should be relative to your website and not the full path to your hard-drive. From your model, the Path property should read


or simply


and should be generated like this in your view

<img src="@Url.Content("~/Content/Uploads/@image.Path")" />

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