I have a class DocumentBO which has the following attributes -

public class DocumentBO implements IStorageBO {
   private String aId;
   private String studyId;
   private Map<AlgorithmsEnum, JobIOStatus> status;
   private String text;
   private Collection<Sentence> sentences;

   public String getaId() {
      return aId;
   public void setaId(String aId) {
      this.aId = aId;
   public String getStudyId() {
      return studyId;
   public void setStudyId(String studyId) {
      this.studyId = studyId;
   public Map<AlgorithmsEnum, JobIOStatus> getStatus() {
      return status;
   public void setStatus(Map<AlgorithmsEnum, JobIOStatus> status) {
      this.status = status;
   public String getText() {
      return text;
   public void setText(String text) {
      this.text = text;
   public Collection<Sentence> getSentences() {
      return sentences;
   public void setSentences(Collection<Sentence> sentences) {
      this.sentences = sentences;

The AlgorithmsEnum is as follows -

public enum AlgorithmsEnum {

   private final String value;

   private AlgorithmsEnum(String value) {
      this.value = value;

   public String value() {
      return value;

   public String toString() {
      return value;

   public static AlgorithmsEnum fromValue(String value) {
      if (value != null) {
         for (AlgorithmsEnum aEnum : AlgorithmsEnum.values()) {
            if (aEnum.value().equals(value)) {
               return aEnum;
      return null;

The JobIOStatus is also similar. I am successfully able to create a JSON string of Collection using GSON using the following TypeToken

Type type = new TypeToken<Collection<DocumentBO>>() {}.getType();

But, when I try to recreate the Collection object using the JSON string returned by Gson and the same TypeToken, the key of the status hashmap is always returned as NULL whereas the value is successfully created. What do you think can be the issue?


The problem is that you have overridden toString() in your enum.

If you look at the JSON being produced, the keys to your Map<AlgorithmsEnum, JobIOStatus> are the lowercase names you're creating. That won't work. Gson has no idea how to recreate the enum from those when you attempt to deserialize the JSON.

If you remove your toString() method it will work just fine.

Alternatively you can use the .enableComplexMapKeySerialization() method in GsonBuilder when serializing which will ignore your toString() method and produce JSON using the default representations of your enum values which is what is required.


There are "well" known :) issues of Gson to serialize Map when the key is derived from object and its not a "native" data type. Please use this

GsonBuilder builder = new GsonBuilder();    
Gson gson = builder.enableComplexMapKeySerialization().create(); 
Collection<DocumentBO> obj = gson.fromJson(str, type);

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