I have 3 tables table1,table2,table3. I want to grant(select for example) these tables to a user, user1.

I know that I can grant with:

grant select on table1 to user1;
grant select on table2 to user1;
grant select on table3 to user1;

Can I grant the 3 tables to user1 using only 1 query?


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No. As the documentation shows, you can only grant access to one object at a time.

You can do it with dynamic query, just run the following script in pl-sql or sqlplus:

select 'grant select on user_name_owner.'||table_name|| 'to user_name1 ;' from dba_tables t where t.owner='user_name_owner'

and then execute result.

  • are you supposed to copy / paste the result to execute it? – justin cress Jan 20 '15 at 14:59

my suggestion is...create role in oracle using

create role <role_name>;

then assign privileges to that role using

grant select on <table_name> to <role_name>;

then assign that group of privileges via that role to any user by using

grant  <role_name> to <user_name>...;

This worked for me on my Oracle database:

SELECT   'GRANT SELECT, insert, update, delete ON mySchema.' || TABLE_NAME || ' to myUser;'
FROM     user_tables
where table_name like 'myTblPrefix%'

Then, copy the results, paste them into your editor, then run them like a script.

You could also write a script and use "Execute Immediate" to run the generated SQL if you don't want the extra copy/paste steps.

If you want to grant to both tables and views try:

    || OWNER
    || '.'
    || ' to db_user;'

For just views try:

    'grant select on '
    || OWNER
    || '.'
    || VIEW_NAME
    || ' to REPORT_DW;'

Copy results and execute.

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