I am new to Linux Kernel and trying to build my first Kernel image, I am building from 3.4.28 Linux Kernel on i686 Architecture for 32 bit.

After one and half hours of build process, I got the following errors

BUILD   arcarch/x86/boot/compressedh/x86/boot/bzImage

Setup is 16540 bytes (padded to 16896 bytes).
System is 4667 kB
CRC c2376a1f
Kernel: arch/x86/boot/bzImage is ready  (#1)
Building modules, stage 2.
MODPOST 3508 modules
ERROR: "__sync_fetch_and_and_4" [drivers/staging/line6/line6usb.ko] undefined!
ERROR: "__sync_fetch_and_or_4" [drivers/staging/line6/line6usb.ko] undefined!
WARNING: modpost: Found 28 section mismatch(es).
To see full details build your kernel with:
make[1]: *** [__modpost] Error 1
make: *** [modules] Error 2

But if I go and look in the "arch/x86/boot/compressed" directory, I find vmlinux.bin image with ELF header.

I wanted to know can I use this vmlinux binary for my purpose or is a complete successful build required to make this binary fully functional.


As long as nothing relies on the kernel module line6usb.ko or any modules built after it you are likely ok.

  • Thanks JimR for your response but can you let me know how can resolve this error – Amit Singh Tomar Mar 16 '13 at 18:37
  • @AmitSinghTomar: I need more details before I can answer you. Are you trying to use the Line 6 driver? AFAIK, it is not a standard part of the kernel. If you are trying to use the Line 6 driver, get the very latest version and recompile as it looks like that version does not jive with your kernel version. – JimR Mar 17 '13 at 4:18

My answer is also same as JimR; the kernel module line6usb.ko is not so much important module. Firstly disable this module by first running mrproper then after make menuconfig. In the menuconfig find the driver in drivers staging and disable it. Later again cross compile the kernel.


disable the module in kernel configuration.

by choosing like this

device drivers ----

 staging drivers  

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