I made a native package which includes native DLLs. The package is just like SqlServerCompact.4.0.8852.1.nupkg.

When I install the package through GUI by 'Manage Nuget Packages ...', everything is fine and the native DLL is copied to Debug/Release folder. Copying the native Dlls is done by a script similar to that in SqlSerCompact.

And I have the following .bat file to automate the packaging procedure of MyProject:

..\..\tools\nuget\bin\NuGet.exe install MyProject\packages.config -o packages\
..\..\tools\nuget\bin\NuGet.exe install MyProjectTest\packages.config -o packages\
..\..\tools\nuget\bin\nuget update MyProject.sln
msbuild /m /p:Configuration=Release /p:Platform="x64" MyProject.sln
..\..\tools\nuget\bin\nuget pack MyProject.nuspec

The above script runs perfectly to get MyProject.nupkg (Compiling only needs .Net dlls). However nuget install does not execute the copy script in the dependency packages -- so compiling MyProjectTest is fine, but when executing its EXE there is no native DLL in its Debug/Release folder.

My question is why the powershell script is not executed when installing packages from command line? And how to deal with it? Thanks!


It is not supported by NuGet.exe. There is a discussion on codeplex about this and there are some issues, which have been closed, that were raised in their issue tracking system. There is also a blog post by David Ebbo about the problems with supporting this feature.

The general problem is that within a PowerShell script you can use the Visual Studio object model so to be able to expose this from outside of Visual Studio and support all scenarios is non-trivial.

I looked at supporting the running of PowerShell scripts from outside Visual Studio by using SharpDevelop as an experiment to see what was possible. It is quite a heavyweight solution since it requires SharpDevelop to work and not just NuGet.exe.

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