How can I checkout the latest version of a particular file from the remote branch?

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    You cannot check out single files with git. Just cloning the repository should give you access to any version of the file though. Mar 18 '13 at 10:30

First make sure get the latest version, type git fetch.

Then you can use git checkout origin/master <file_name>. (Assume you want the file in master branch)


Checkout the latest committed version of a file, locally:

git checkout file.txt 

Or if you need the latest remote version of a file. I believe this fetches all remote branches, but you'll be on master locally.

git checkout master
git fetch

See all versions of file.txt:

git log --oneline --branches file.txt

The latest version of file.txt could be on a branch besides master. Since git log file.txt only searches the current branch, I added --branches. If the latest version was on another branch, then checkout that branch. Or checkout the id of the individual commit you want, like git checkout f823772.

With git log you can also specifiy --remotes=somewhere which might be helpful too.

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