Why is there an underscore in front of the MongoDb document id ?

Why not call it "id" instead of "_id" ?

Is this part of a naming convention I'm not aware of ?

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    Not as far as I know but sometimes you put a _ in front of variables to denote a private or read only attribute of a class, even though _id is settable in insert it is read only every other time, just a wild guess there but a adds up
    – Sammaye
    Mar 18, 2013 at 15:45

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You may notice that MongoDB has a lot of functions (in the shell) and fields that start with an understore as a designation that they are internal or special and not user provided.

If you have your own "ID" then you can store it as "id" and still use the provided-by-MongoDB _id field although you are not required to use the ObjectId that MongoDB generates - you could store your own natural primary key in the "_id" field which will have a unique index on it always.

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