Need to add watermark for first 3 seconds the video using ffmpeg. Here's what I got right now:

ffmpeg -y -i '255871.mov' -qscale:v 0 -qscale:a 0 -vf '[in] transpose=1 [out];movie=watermark.png , select=lte(t\,3) [bg]; [out][bg] overlay=x=20:y=main_h-60 [out]' output.mp4

It rotates video to the right and adds watermark at the bottom of the video for first 3 seconds. The problem is watermark is visible during the whole video.

Thought that select doesn't work at all. Tried following command

ffmpeg -y -i '255871.mov' -qscale:v 0 -qscale:a 0 -vf '[in] transpose=1 [out];movie=watermark.png , select=0 [bg]; [out][bg] overlay=x=20:y=main_h-60 [out]' output.mp4

Watermark is not visible. This is correct and proves that select filter works as expected. As I understand this is how ffmpeg works: it leaves last frame of the shortest video visible.

How can I force ffmpeg to discard show watermark after N seconds?


Have to answer it myself. ffmpeg mailing list helped me to solve the issue. The main idea is to convert existing watermark into video using Apple Animation codec (it supports transparency) and fade out last frame of created video using fade filter.


ffmpeg -loop 1 -i watermark.png -t 3 -c qtrle -vf 'fade=out:73:1:alpha=1' watermark.mov
ffmpeg -y -i '255871.mov' -qscale:v 0 -qscale:a 0 -vf '[in] transpose=1 [out];movie=watermark.mov [bg]; [out][bg] overlay=x=20:y=main_h-60 [out]' output.mp4

Fade out is required because ffmpeg uses last frame of overlaid video for the rest of the video. This filter makes last frame fully transparent via alpha=1 parameter. In fact it should be fade=out:74:1:alpha=1, but it didn't work for me, don't know why

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