I use to work in C# and use Ctrl + G for go to line but it is not working in vb.net. Can you please. Edit menu > Go to even not show any short key. If I press Ctrl + G it opens immidiate window. Is there any thing I need to do in order to enable go to short key or is it different when working with vb.net ? Please guide me.

Note:I ma working in Visual Studio 2010.



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Make sure that ctrl+g is not being used anywhere else. If it is, delete it from those areas:

  1. First type in your shortcut
  2. If it appears in the "currently used by"
  3. then type it into "Show commands containing"
  4. Remove it from "Show commands containing"

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  • Step 0. Apply the following... > Visual Studio 6 worked for me on VS 16.x.x
    – Doug Null
    Commented Jul 28, 2020 at 22:51

If you go to Tools -> Options -> Environment -> Keyboard, you can change shortcut keys to your heart's content. To set the go to line shortcut key, type in Edit.GoTo in "Show commands containing", then press Ctrl+G in "Press shortcut keys", and click Assign. You can find out what Ctrl+G is mapped to already (the immediate window, it sounds like) and re-map that to another key first, if you'd like.


The exact same thing happened to me. I am accustomed to programming in C#, and I use all the shortcuts that C# has such as ctrl+G for goto line. Every time I pressed ctrl+G, it would go to the immediate windows. This started when my "new system" was setup for Visual Basic instead of C#. What I did to fix it was Clicked on "TOOLS" -> Options, and under "Environment" I selected "Keybord". The very Top option it says "Apply the following addional keybord mapping scheme:" And currently selected was Visual Basic. So Once I switch it to Visual C# and clicked OK, my ctrl+g worked for the "goto line" and all my original c# commands worked. I hope this helps.


just had the same. Seem ctrl+G and ctrl+Alt+I are both assigned to the immediate window. What i did, was i selected edit.goto Entered ctrl+g, pressed assign, and all was well

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