I tried to make batch file in windows by using task schedule once a month to find *.bak. With condition more then 30 old. I create two condition full path name and non-8dot3 path name. For those unable to delete it be recorded to a TXT file.

Here the command I found:

forfiles /P E:\WP /S /M *.bak /D -30 /C "cmd /C del @path"

Here is my command for delete using non-8dot3 file names:

forfiles /P E:\WP /S /M *.bak /D -30 /C "cmd /C for %A in (@path) do @echo del %~sA

For file can't be delete because it to long path and file name, it recorded to a TXT file with long full path file name and non-8dot3:

forfiles /P E:\WP /S /M *.bak /D -30 /C "cmd /c echo @path >> list.txt"
forfiles /P E:\WP /S /M *.bak /D -30 /C "cmd /c for %A in (@path) do @echo %~sA" >> list.txt

These 4 command are working well if I just copy and paste into dos command prompt.

But when I put them into batch file e.g. "del30days.bat", it does not working for non-8dot3 file names:

@echo off
:: Set host computer name

:: Set save list path
set list_path=F:\LogFiles

:: Set min age of files and folders to delete
set file_list=ListCantDeleted-%host%-%date:~10,4%-%date:~7,2%-%date:~4,2%.txt

:: Set target folder path
set target_path=E:\WP

:: Set min age of files and folders to delete
set max_days=30

:: Set what kind files or extension
set file_ext=*.bak

:: Delete files from target path
forfiles /P %target_path% /S /M %file_ext% /D -%max_days% /C "cmd /C del @path"
forfiles /P %target_path% /S /M %file_ext% /D -%max_days% /C "cmd /C for %A in (@path) do @echo del %~sA"

:: Record files from target path
forfiles /P %target_path% /S /M %file_ext% /D -%max_days% /C "cmd /c echo @path >> %list_path%\%file_list%"
forfiles /P %target_path% /S /M %file_ext% /D -%max_days% /C "cmd /C for %A in (@path) do @echo %~sA >> %list_path%\%file_list%"

I got this error on non-8dot3 files name but not on long file name on record to a TXT file, by mean it can't delete file using non-8dot3 file names as well.

~sA" was unexpected at this time.

Any reason why?

The goal I create this is to delete *.bak file more then 30 days without any issue on long path and file name. Anyone got simplify solution for this?


You're going to slap yourself. The problem is that in a batch file, for loop variables need a double percent. %%A and %%~sA.

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