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Actually I have already created Web Application that widely uses MySQL Store Procedure. Now we want to integrate Apache Solr in our Web Application.

In existing application,the Store Procedure takes dynamic parameters like logged-in user id combined with other complex query.

So is there any way/alternative in Apache Solr ?

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

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You can index all the data in Solr and query Solr with the user id and all the other dynamic parameters.
Solr provides DIH which allows you to integrate with DB and import data into Solr. And Solr querying and filtering capabilities should allow you to get back the results.

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If you have something that cannot or shall not be indexed - e.g. a companies structure within a LDAP system - but is required to filter the results - e.g. determine if a user may see the result - you can use Solr's PostFilter Interface. However this is limited to filtering that way you cannot add results.

A contrib with several built-in post filters is the spatial search. As example it defines a post filter named "geofilt", which you may use like this - if you have a schema that fits:

q=your+query&fq={!geofilt sfield=store}&pt=45.15,-93.85&d=5

The post filter call is what is placed within the curly brackets.

This is a rather advanced topic, but there are several good write ups about it. I especially recommend the first one.

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