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I used google chrome, and when I login to open erp there is no option to save the password, the username is restore but I want to keep the password automatically fill in the field, does anybody know how to do it? I used mozila and there is option to save but it doesnt worked.

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If you click on "More" option in user Screen, you'll have an option "Reset User Password", click on it and you have a screen to change password.

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NOTE: passwords can be saved - just not automatically reused when the corresponding username is entered. I don't have a work-around for that problem, but I can rule out the two methods usually employed to do this:-

  • _autocomplete disabled
  • two password fields

The same technique is used on the openerp.com website (it's the same software). Accounts are free and a solution would be most appreciated (it makes testing a pain).

If you are actually not able to save a password (do check in your password manager), check:-

Firefox -> Preferences -> Security -> Passwords
Tick Remember Passwords and check for an entry in Exceptions

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