I am trying to save a file to my SDcard on my Samsung Galaxy Nexus running 4.2.2. From my app I am using


But it returns


Which is not where my SDcard information is located to. Is there any working method I can use to get the correct path to my SDcard?

  • can you show more code so that we can get what you tried ? Commented Mar 19, 2013 at 13:52
  • Actually it might be. The os probably loads the sd card there, and creates a virtual representation as a drive in the root
    – Stas Jaro
    Commented Mar 19, 2013 at 13:54
  • Paths changed since 4.2 due to multiuser feature Commented Mar 19, 2013 at 13:55
  • @Gabriele Mariotti And what is the solution. Do you have a reference?
    – powder366
    Commented Dec 22, 2013 at 20:49
  • Here is full answer on your question: stackoverflow.com/questions/20734564/…
    – molokoka
    Commented Jul 9, 2014 at 5:56

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Actually, that is the correct location.

From android 4,2 onwards, Google introduced multiple user accounts. Every user has his/her own external storage, which has the user ID in the path to maintain uniqueness.

The primary (default) user's ID is 0. So you get /storage/emulated/0/ as the path to the external storage.

  • 2
    theres only legacy in that folder, not a 0 folder. also there no problem with using this method on my other apps, just this one.
    – Luke Pring
    Commented Mar 19, 2013 at 18:11
  • @LukePring It's a symlink. It's not an actual folder. Commented Mar 19, 2013 at 18:16
  • 1
    You mean there SHOULD be a symlink in there. /storage/emulated/0: No such file or directory
    – VMcPherron
    Commented Apr 9, 2014 at 15:59
  • 3
    Android is using a fuse filesystem while running the app. The 0 directory does not exist on disk (via adb shell), but it does exist from within your app.
    – Harvey
    Commented Mar 4, 2015 at 15:38
  • there is a legacy folder which is that "0"
    – Amos
    Commented Feb 23, 2019 at 3:42

I just learned this is the Jelly Bean's way of dealing with the lack of android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission. I haven't seen such a behavior with older versions of Android.

Just add this line to your AndroidManifest.xml:

<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE" />
  • 26
    This doesn't fix it per se. I have that set in my Manifest and it still comes back as /storage/emulated/0. When I use the shell for the device /storage/emulated/0 doesn't exist. Instead of 0, legacy is there. Commented Aug 14, 2014 at 5:48
  • 4
    @MichaelNguyen You can not see the /storage/emulated/0 directory from adb shell (not even as root). It only exists in the processes launched by the user. You should see it from a terminal emulator on the device, and access it from any app.
    – ge0rg
    Commented Mar 18, 2015 at 17:06

Environment.getExternalStorageDirectory() refers to whatever the device manufacturer considered to be "external storage". I can be something else than the SD-card.

You may get more informations here: Find an external SD card location


I think its because of using genymotion emulator, the path is true and in Eclipse it locates at

File Explorer - > mnt - > shell - > emulated -> 0 

hope it helps ;)


Sure? Where do you think your sdcard is mounted? Try doing ls -l on that directory – it's probably a symlink to /storage/emulated/0/.

  • I'm using ls -l at the moment for a different app, the symlink shows up to the app but not to my terminal which is the weirdest thing.
    – Luke Pring
    Commented Jun 4, 2013 at 11:02

I had somehow lost my symlink at /storage/emulated/0, causing a similar failure. What I did was use the camera app to take a picture. I observed that the pictures details said it was within /storage/emulated/0, though that directory did not exist from the file explorer. Then I rebooted the phone. After reboot the link existed.


Try to use getExternalFilesDir() or getExternalStoragePublicDirectory().

From Android 4.2 documentation

  • Environment.getExternalStoragePublicDirectory(Environment.DIRECTORY_PICTURES) returns a path of /storage/emulated/0/Pictures Which still is invalid on my N7
    – VMcPherron
    Commented Apr 9, 2014 at 16:10
  • And I understand that it should be available for the application (not adb) during runtime, but cannot find any files in that directory when I clearly have multiple files. (ls /mnt/shell/emulated/0/Pictures/*jpg)
    – VMcPherron
    Commented Apr 9, 2014 at 16:22

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