from django.core.cache import cache
    def testcache():
        cache.set('test','I am putting this message in',3333)
        print cache.get('test')

It just prints "None"

This is in "ps aux":

dovr      2241  0.0  0.8  57824  2144 ?        Ssl  04:20   0:00 memcached -d -u root -m 3900 -p 11211
dovr      2247  0.0  3.7  83696  9800 pts/2    S+   04:20   0:00 python manage.py runserver

And this is in my settings.py:

CACHE_BACKEND = 'memcached://MYIPADRESS:11211/'

By the way, it worked before, but not anymore! I don't know why. So weird.

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You can insure that you can reach memcached from your code by logging value returned from set() method. Probably memcached listens on while you are trying to connect to external interface.



Django was talking to the server. I did "nc IPADRESS 11211" . And typed "stats"

Then, I looked that cmd_get and cmd_set were changing, so that means it's talking.

Then, I realized that I had problem with code in my views. You can't have "space" in the key. It has to be non-spaceless (and encoded)

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