I am a Linux admin with only basic knowledge in Mysql Queries

I want to delete many table entries which are ip address from my table using id,

currently i am using

DELETE from tablename where id=1;
DELETE from tablename where id=2;

but i have to delete 254 entries,so this method is going to take hours,how can i tell mysql to delete rows that i specify,coz i want to skip deleting some entries out of this 254.

Deleting whole table and importing needed entries is not an option.

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    id is a number so something like DELETE from tablename where id<254 and id>3; or whatever would work. – Boris the Spider Mar 19 '13 at 15:46
  • ohh every answer works.... – Kevin Parker Mar 19 '13 at 15:53
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The best way is to use IN statement :

DELETE from tablename WHERE id IN (1,2,3,...,254);

You can also use BETWEEN if you have consecutive IDs :

DELETE from tablename WHERE id BETWEEN 1 AND 254;

You can of course limit for some IDs using other WHERE clause :

DELETE from tablename WHERE id BETWEEN 1 AND 254 AND id<>10;
  • Range (> and <) is better than IN in terms of performance as we discovered in our application today. Use the explain statement and see how IN does not use indexes. – kouton Nov 15 '14 at 5:49
  • Don't worry about how your DBMS use INDEX or not... see stackoverflow.com/questions/586381/… to understand why sometimes using INDEX will be longer than doing a full table scan! – JoDev Feb 2 '15 at 10:12
  • this helped me.. thanks ~up – saleem ahmed Jan 31 '16 at 19:03
  • Thanks you its help – Jean-Marc Amon Feb 28 at 7:16

how about using IN

WHERE ID IN (1,2) -- add as many ID as you want.

Something like this might make it a bit easier, you could obviously use a script to generate this, or even excel

DELETE FROM tablename WHERE id IN (

if you need to keep only a few rows, consider

DELETE FROM tablename WHERE id NOT IN (5,124,221);

This will keep only some records and discard others.

Use IN Clause

   DELETE from tablename where id IN (1,2);

OR you can merge the use of BETWEEN and NOT IN to decrease the numbers you have to mention.

DELETE from tablename 
where (id BETWEEN 1 AND 255) 
AND (id NOT IN (254));

Others have suggested IN, this is fine. You can also use a range:

DELETE from tablename where id<254 and id>3;

If the ids to delete are contiguous.

If you have some 'condition' in your data to figure out the 254 ids, you could use:

delete from tablename
where id in 
(select id from tablename where <your-condition>)

or simply:

delete from tablename where <your-condition>

Simply hard coding the 254 values of id column would be very tough in any case.

DELETE FROM table_name WHERE id BETWEEN 1 AND 256;

Try This.

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