Ive searched for hours ... but Im at a loss !

I have imported an image int Mathematica -> dimensions 2x2cm at 72DPI.

I am trying to "label" the image with a text string that: - has font color "fontColor" - has a black outline, so it contrasts to any underlying color - sits in the bottom right corner of the imported image - has size h/w in cm - optionally sits in a text box with a white background

This is how far ive come:


image = Import["myimg.jpg"];
inchFactor = 2.54;(* 1 inch = 2.54cm *)
docRes = 72;
pixelConverter = docRes/inchFactor/2;

myText = First[
      Style["glorious label string here", Bold, FontSize -> 15, 
       FontFamily -> "Verdana"], "PDF"], "PDF", 
     "TextMode" -> "Outlines"]]];

myTextGraphic = 
  Graphics[{EdgeForm[Directive[Black, Thickness[0.01]]], White, 
    myText}, Background -> White, 
   ImageSize -> {10*pixelConverter, 2*pixelConverter}];
myTextGraphic = Rasterize[myTextGraphic];

combined = SetAlphaChannel[myTextGraphic, myTextGraphicAlphaVersion];

I found the above method (PDF wrapper) for the black outline of the text string.

I am adding an AlphaChannel to the graphic of the text string using a version of it that only uses black/white.

I then try to combine the images with Overlay.

As none of this seems to work concerning the outputted image size and positioning, Im kindly asking for help. There´s no need to "fix" that messy code.

Maybe you could point me to a script or tutorial - all I really want is to add and position a text string or text box to an underlying image.

Thanks a lot !

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It's late here so this is only the beginning of a solution for you but here's a simple way to add a text label to an image:

lbl = Graphics[Text[Style["Bottom", Red, Large]]]

which creates an image with the text 'Bottom' in red in a large font. Next, given an image called img1


puts the text in the centre of the image. ImageCompose has options to allow you to position the second image (ie the label) wrt the first image. You can put the label on a coloured background like this:

lbl = Graphics[Text[Style["Bottom", Red, Large, Background -> Blue]]]

I haven't figured out, yet, how to write the text with a coloured outline.

  • Thank you for your kind help! Your answer also told me that Ill have to have a closer look at the function hierarchy ;) Thx! – stockoverflaw Mar 23 '13 at 16:43

Have a look at this. There are other ways too.

img = Import["http://todayinsci.com/H/Hilbert_David/HilbertDavidThm.jpg"];

  Text[Style["Professor Hilbert", Red]]

imgCtr = Round[ImageDimensions[img]/2];

overlay = Framed[Graphics[{Text[Style["Professor Hilbert", Red, 9], imgCtr]},ImageSize-> {66, 14}], FrameStyle -> Green]

Overlay[{img, overlay}, Alignment -> Center]
  • Thanks a lot !!! Much appreciated ! – stockoverflaw Mar 23 '13 at 16:42

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