I want to write something of the sort:

//a[not contains(@id, 'xx')]

(meaning all the links who's 'id' attribute doesn't contain the string 'xx')

I can't find the right syntax.

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not() is a function in XPath (as opposed to an operator), so

//a[not(contains(@id, 'xx'))]
  • is there a way to say grab all the <p> tags but not the <a> tag inside them? imagine something like <p>text text<a class="x">TEXT</a>text text</p> . i want all the text in p but not the TEXT in a. is that possible with XPath? This isn't exactly my case, it's a little more complicated than that but its more or less the same.
    – CodeMonkey
    Sep 3, 2019 at 13:07
  • @Ali Does ORDERED_NODE_ITERATOR_TYPE of ./text()|./*[not(self::a)]//text(), passing the paragraph in as the contextNode, solve your use-case? (jsfiddle demo) (note this won't exclude cases of p>* a, where the link isn't top-level, but it could easily be modified to do so.) Sep 13, 2022 at 20:24

you can use not(expression) function


expression != true()

None of these answers worked for me for python. I solved by this


Also you can use or condition in your xpath by | operator. Such as


Sometimes we want element which has no class. So you can do like


Use boolean function like below:

//a[(contains(@id, 'xx'))=false]

not() function combined with "and" operator worked in my case. I am using typescript. For example,

contains(text(),'textIWantToBeMatched') and not(contains(text(),'subTextIDoNotWantToBeMatched'))

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