I have a report in SSRS 2008 R2. This report consists of one table containing several grouping levels. If the customer requests to see all the detail them I want a page break at the second grouping level of the table. If only the summary details are requested then I do not want the page break as that will cause unnecessary paging. How can I conditionally control the page break at the group level in a table?

The summary details are calculated and returned differently from the sql so I do not want to hide rows, just turn page break on or off.


You can use expression based page breaks, which, depending on your exact table setup, might be useful.

Basically, you set up a parameter to control whether page breaks are applied.

At the Group level, there are Page Break options - set the Page Break property to what you require, then set the Disabled property to be expression based, something like:

=IIf(Parameters!Break.Value, false, true)

enter image description here enter image description here

This means the Page Break will only be applied of the Break parameter is set to true.

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