For example, to validate the valid Url, I'd like to do the following

char usUrl[MAX] = "http://www.stackoverflow"

if(usUrl[0] == 'h'
   && usUrl[1] == 't'
   && usUrl[2] == 't'
   && usUrl[3] == 'p'
   && usUrl[4] == ':'
   && usUrl[5] == '/'
   && usUrl[6] == '/') { // what should be in this something?
    printf("The Url starts with http:// \n");

Or, I've thought about using strcmp(str, str2) == 0, but this must be very complicated.

Is there a standard C function that does such thing?

bool StartsWith(const char *a, const char *b)
   if(strncmp(a, b, strlen(b)) == 0) return 1;
   return 0;


if(StartsWith("http://stackoverflow.com", "http://")) { 
   // do something
}else {
  // do something else

You also need #include<stdbool.h> or just replace bool with int

  • So many incorrect answers for this question. This is the one that works properly. – PoVa Oct 3 '17 at 6:00

I would suggest this:

char *checker = NULL;

checker = strstr(usUrl, "http://");
if(checker == usUrl)
    //you found the match


This would match only when string starts with 'http://' and not something like 'XXXhttp://'

You can also use strcasestr if that is available on you platform.

  • this will check till the end of usUrl even if the beginnings don't match, this can have very bad performance. – Ali80 Jun 4 at 23:19

strstr(str1, "http://www.stackoverflow") is another function that can be used for this purpose.


The following should check if usUrl starts with "http://":

strstr(usUrl, "http://") == usUrl ;

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