I have a components that based on schema that have a non mandatory metadata field ExtendedType. I can query for a component that have this field with a certain value:

new CustomMetaValueCriteria(new CustomMetaKeyCriteria("ExtendedType"), "Highlight", Criteria.Equal)))

I need to query for a components that have no this field filled in. How can I query for a that.

In SQL I can write next:

select * from t where t.ExtendedType IS NULL

How can i do this using Trdion Query? In common i need to implement query like:

select * from t where t.ExtendedType = "Highlight" OR t.ExtendedType IS NULL
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    You may want to consider using the Tridion-dedicated Stack Exchange site on tridion.stackexchange.com for your SDL Tridion questions in the future. – Bart Koopman Apr 16 '13 at 20:56

You might be able to achieve this with the NotInCriteria, as follows:

new NotInCriteria
    new CustomMetaValueCriteria
        new CustomMetaKeyCriteria("ExtendedType"), "%", Criteria.Like

I haven't tested this, it's just a thought. Even if it works, be sure to check if it performs as well!

PS: next time, please use the tridion.stackexchange.com forum for Tridion-related questions!

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