I created an access database linked to a MS SQL 2008 Back end. Whenever the user attempts to use this database in an Access 2010 machine the error dialog that appears reads:

Run Time Error (28)
Out of stack space

The only options available in the dialog box are END, DEBUG and HELP.
END does nothing, DEBUG takes you to the opening code.

Tried the following:

1- Made the network folder a trusted location SAME ERROR

2- Disabled all security checks on the trust center SAME ERROR

3- Moved the file to the Desktop opened with shift and tried to compact and repair SAME ERROR

4- Created a New database with format MDB and Copied all Objects error disappears but loses attachment, and email functionality.

In Summary:

I get error code when opening accdb file created in 2007 in any machine with Access 2010 either local or from the network and the problem is solved if I use MDB but I lose significant functionality.

  • Tried to downgrade the database to mdb format but got a whole different set of errors – Topio Mar 21 '13 at 0:07
  • How are you connecting to your SQL Server backend? Are you using an Access Data Project (ADP) or ODBC? – Taliesin Mar 21 '13 at 15:02

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