I have a file with the void initGui() function in it. It does stuff. I also have a .so shared library made with that file.

The problem is, when I try to launch a dlsym(..., "initGui"), dlerror() tells me that it didn't found the symbol (of course, I used dlopen to open it). So I tried to nm my shared lib. I "understood" that _Z7initGuiiii might be what I'm looking for. So I tried to dlsym it ... And it worked.

Please can someone tell me how to have clean symbols in my shared object library ?

I compile with g++ -Wall -Wextra -Werror -c -fPIC.


The usual practice when dlsym-ing inside some dlopen-ed shared library coded in C++ is to have the convention that those seeked symbols (those that you are dlsym-ing) are declared extern "C". Then their name is easily visible with dlsym. So you need to declare

 extern "C" void initGui(void);

and then to do

 typedef void initguiroutine_sig_t(void);
 initguiroutine_sig_t* initguiptr = dlsym(dlhandle,"initGui");
 if (!initguiptr) { 
    fprintf(stderr, "initGui not found: %s\n", dlerror());
    exit (EXIT_FAILURE);
 // later, call initguiptr like
 (*initguiptr) ();

I don't recommend understanding in great details how your C++ name mangling works, it is not very well defined, and details depend upon particular version of the C++ libraries (notably the standard C++ library) and of the compiler version.

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