Why is it that using variable within :contains() doesn't work? Is there any way to make it work? filter('contains()') didn't work either.


var model = $('h2').text();
//variable doesn't work
//obviously, string works
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    Duplicated: See answer here: stackoverflow.com/questions/2191419/… Mar 20, 2013 at 19:20
  • Has nothing to do with text nodes, JS doesn't parse variables inside strings (looks like you may be used to PHP?) You'll have to use $('div:contains('+$modele+')').css('background','yellow');
    – Adrian
    Mar 20, 2013 at 19:20

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Selectors doesn't use Javascript variables. You have to put the value from the variable in the selector string:

$('div:contains("' + $modele + '")')

Unlike PHP, Javascript does not support string interpolation.

If you want to use a variable inside a string, you must concatenate it using the + operator.


it just a concatenation issue:

$('div:contains(' + $modele + ')').css('background','yellow');

as stated in @Slaks answer you need to concatenate.

$('div:contains('+$modele+')').css('background','yellow'); works

here is a fiddle to it.



you need to pass it as string .. so concatenate the var with " using + operator.. so that it takes it as string

try this

var $modele = $('h2').text();
//variable doesn't work

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