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I'm using the Zend Framework to develop an application on a linux host, and for some reason when I try to go to localhost/index it gives me what looks like a standard Apache 404 error. But when I go to localhost/Index it works. I can also go to localhost/admin and it will work with no problem. For some reason it seems that my index controller doesn't want to work. How can I make it to where localhost/index works?

My .htaccess file seems fine and has the correct rewrite rules in it.

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I had a similar problem and tracked it back to Options MultiViews on Apache. If you're using a vhost, check there. If I recall, MultiViews will try to find other files with a similar name if the requested file is not found. If it's on, try disabling it and see what happens.

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Thanks! This solved the problem! – Jay Mar 20 '13 at 20:59

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