I get an error when use named parameter to call PL/SQL block, when all named parameters are used only once, then my code works fine, but when I dupplicate the SQL marked with "// the SQL". then all named parameters (starts with colon, :q) are used twice, now I get a SQL Exception, it says: The number of parameter names does not match the number of registered praremeters. It seems that JDBC driver or DB think there is 2 parameters, but only 1 parameters are registered? why we cannot use a named parameter multiple times? is JDBC driver don't required to support this case? How I get an alternative (exeption rewriting PL/SQL block to stored procedure)?

My Oracle JDBC Driver is latest version

Because my project have many PL/SQL block, I try my best to avoid rewrite SQL to a stored procedure, running raw PL/SQL block with named parameter (just treat it as a procedure) is preferred. I tested convert the PL/SQL block to a stored procedure, then only 1 parameters exported, but I don't want to rewrite all PL/SQL blocks, it takes more efforts.

thanks for any hints.

My Java code:

CallableStatement stmt = ...;
stmt.registerOutParameter("q", Types.VARCHAR);
String v1 = stmt.getString("q");

SQL as below:

    select DUMMY into :q from dual where dummy = 'X';
    select DUMMY into :q from dual where dummy = 'X';

I just found that "Execute Immediate" can be used for my case, when the dynamic SQL is a PL/SQL block (quoted with begin and end), then the named parameters with a name can be referenced by all occurrences. i.e. SQL attached below, in this block, parameter 'q' is used only once, but now I have another 2 questions, Q1: I don't know if the parameter 'q' is IN, OUT or both IN and OUT. If I give wrong IN/OUT mode, error got, how we test if the parameter is IN/OUT or both of them? I want to scan the SQL for ':q :=' and 'into :q', it seems that it is not good method. Q2: Why I can't fetch result of parameter 'q' when it is assigned IN OUT mode? only if it is OUT, I can get its value. when it is both IN OUT, I get NULL.

  execute immediate 'begin select dummy into :q from dual where :q is not null; end;'
  using in out :q;

Oh, I get a workaround for NULL when parameter is IN OUT mode, I just treat it is a bug of Oracle JDBC driver, I split IN/OUT role of the named parameter 'q' into 2 parts, first is IN, second is OUT, using a variable to keep its value returned by 'using in out :q' clause, and then assign variable to 2nd role, like below-attached, in JDBC we treat it both IN OUT, only use exact IN,OUT or IN OUT in USING clause after scanning ' :q := ' and ' into :q '.

    p varchar2(100);
    q varchar2(100);
    p := ?;
    q := ?;
    execute immediate 'begin if :p is null then :p := ''X''; else :p := ''Y''; :q := ''Z''; end if; end;' using in out p, out q;
    ? := p;
    ? := q;
  • You registered them both as out parameters (registerOutParameter), it seems than one is an in parameter (qord)
    – A.B.Cade
    Mar 21, 2013 at 5:59
  • @A.B.Cade If I removed the IN parameter :qord, I get same error, it seems that not IN/OUT type affect the result, but the named parameter are used multiple times, and jdbc driver/DB count parameter using parameters' position other than names. In latest oracle driver, it says, parameter count is different from registered parameter count. Mar 21, 2013 at 6:37

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You can't use one bind parameter multiple times in SQL statement. You must provide a value for each occurrence of parameter. This is because Oracle ignores bind parameter name and only a colon symbol is taken into account.
Oracle docs

  • But I'm doubting that why Oracle Forms can run this PL/SQL block as expected. My target is directly run raw PL/SQL block of legacy Oracle Forms system in JDBC without rewriting them to stored procedure. In legacy Oracle Forms form, oracle run this PL/SQL block and fetch OUT parameters and push to UI fields. In the PL/SQL block, named parameters can share same values, if we bind them one-by-one by parameter position, them oracle treat them different parameters, and therefore when I try to callableStatement.getXXX(index), the return value may be unexpected. Don't know which occurrence is4 OUT. Mar 21, 2013 at 9:57
  • After we registerOutputParameter, we can still setXX with same index, then oracle treat the parameter at the index as INOUT, without reading the PL/SQL block by eyes, we can't detect which occurrence is read-only and which occurrence is OUT(update). How Oracle Form works using same PL/SQL block? Mar 21, 2013 at 10:01

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