HI i dont want to parse the span tag which is a child tag of from where i am extracting my data.....

Ex:- <a class="imp">
     Some data 1 2 3
      Unwanted Data

Code i am using:-

  foreach($html->find(a.imp) as $value)
          echo $value->innertext;

Some data 1 2 3
Unwanted Data...

 Desired output:-
 Some data 1 2 3

I really dont knw is there any function or way so that i cant include the child tags ???

  • This is a job for XPath. Something along the lines of //a/text()
    – Matt
    Mar 21, 2013 at 12:40
  • But i am using simplehtmldomparser coz it suits my application....
    – Php Geek
    Mar 21, 2013 at 12:42

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I believe you would have to loop through your first set of results, find all span elements and set each span element's outertext to an empty string, thus removing the entire HTML for that element.

foreach($html->find('a.imp') as $value)
    foreach($value->find('span') as $e)
        $e->outertext = '';

    echo $value->innertext;

Simple HTML DOM Parser will work:

$content = file_get_html($link);
$stuffiwant = $content->find("//a/text()");

I don't believe simple has a clean way to remove elements. In phpquery you can:

$doc->find('a.imp span')->remove();
echo $doc->find('a.imp')->text();

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