Suppose I have:

//inheritance annotations 
public abstract class Animal {
    private int noOfLegs;

//inheritance annotations 
public class Cat extends Animal {
    //cat stuff

//inheritance annotations 
public class Dog extends Animal {
    //dog stuff

public class House {
    @JoinTable(//join stuff
    private List<Animal> animals;
    //hose stuff

Now if I put in my house both cats and dogs, and persist my house, does JPA know to put the dogs and cats in their corresponding tables (or whatever inheritance mapping strategy was used). Also does it know how to take it back when querying?


The short answer is yes. But native hibernate support regarding inheritance mapping is more powerful than standard JPA, and "single table per class hierarchy" or "table per subclass" mapping strategies are more suitable for polymorphic queries and associations than "table per concrete class" strategy.

See also:

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    Even though links to documentation may be useful solution of the problem would be probably appreciated as well. – Jan Zyka Aug 16 '17 at 19:48

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