I'm trying to use Amazon's SES and the Django-ses app to send emails. It works locally but fails on the server, returning the SESAddressNotVerifiedError.

Inspecting the trace revealed that it's failing because the from_email var is set to webmaster@localhost. I've looked all over to find where I set this variable to my verified email address in AWS-SES.

Does anyone know how I am supposed to change the from_email var from webmaster@localhost to myemail@myemail.com?



  • You can test it using the send_mail() method and setting from_email parameter just like django-ses indicates Django-ses – PepperoniPizza Mar 21 '13 at 23:34

So it turns out that what I needed to change was this setting:

DEFAULT_FROM_EMAIL = 'My Domain < myEmail@myEmail.com >'

For everyone who is using Django-Registrations this is the default, but the reference to it is in registration/models.py, line 264 (the last line) if you want to change it, which I might unless it breaks, in which case, I'll report back.

Django default_from_email name

Thanks to Ashok for this solution

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