I have figured out how to mock the Auth Component when testing my controllers, but am struggling to mock the Auth Component when testing my components. I am using cakephp2.0 and phpUnit.

When I use the ::generate() I am getting Error: Call to undefined method TestCalendarController::generate.

Is there a way to mock the Auth Component user() function? Or do I need to rewrite the component to avoid using it?



App::uses('Controller', 'Controller');
App::uses('CakeRequest', 'Network');
App::uses('CakeResponse', 'Network');
App::uses('ComponentCollection', 'Controller');
App::uses('CalendarComponent', 'Controller/Component');
App::uses('AuthComponent', 'Controller/Component');

class TestCalendarController extends Controller {


class CalendarComponentTest extends CakeTestCase {
    public $CalendarComponent = null;
    public $Controller = null;

public function setUp() {
        // Setup our component and fake test controller
        $Collection = new ComponentCollection();
        $this->CalendarComponent = new CalendarComponent($Collection);
        $CakeRequest = new CakeRequest();
        $CakeResponse = new CakeResponse();
        $this->Controller = new TestCalendarController($CakeRequest, $CakeResponse);

//Here I am trying to mock the Auth component. I've tried a number of different things, and I'm not getting anything to work.
public function testAdjust() {
    $TestCalendar = $this->Controller->generate('TestCalendar', array(
        'components' => array(
            'Auth' => array('user')
        ->will($this->returnValue(array('id'=>1, 'timezone'=>'America/Los_Angeles', 'type'=>'student')));

    // Test our adjust method with different parameter settings


 public function tearDown() {
      // Clean up after we're done

  • I'm interested in the solution for the controller - can you give a short example or link for that? Oct 5, 2018 at 8:15

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I have the same issue and found a possible solution, at least it works for me.

To get some hints, I pointed my attention to the test cases for cakephp itself and in particular the one for the AuthComponent https://github.com/cakephp/cakephp/blob/master/lib/Cake/Test/Case/Controller/Component/AuthComponentTest.php

It seems to contain mocking of other components, for example:

$this->Auth->Session = $this->getMock('SessionComponent', array('renew'), array(), '', false);

In your case you should use something like:

$this->CalendarComponent->Auth = $this->getMock('Auth', array('user'));

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