When i define an initialize a variable i get the compile time error as "Expected:End of statement". The code is :

Dim i as integer=1

The VB6 compiler does not let you declare and initialise a variable in one line (like you can in VB.NET).

So you have to declare it on one line and initialise it on another:

Dim i As Integer
i = 1

If you want to have both statement on the same line you can use a colon:

Dim i As Integer : i = 1

But you can only do this inside a procedure and not in a module, form or class declaration

dim i as integer

You need to split declaring a variable and assigning its value.


You cannot assign a value to a variable you are declaring in VB6, UNLESS it is a constant

Dim i as Integer = 1

Dim i As Integer
Const i As Integer = 1

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