I'm having trouble getting a nodejs app which relies on JSDom to work on Azure due to it depending on a native module - Contextify, I understand Azure does not provide compilation for native modules.

However according to Azure documentation

Since Windows Azure Cloud Services rely on the node_modules folder being deployed as part of the application, any native module included as part of the installed modules should work in a cloud service as long as it was installed and compiled on a Windows development system.

It all works fine on my dev box as it's compiled during npm install, what I don't understand is why it isn't working on Azure as I am providing the compiled version? If it works on my windows dev box the compilation is clearly successful. I deploy to azure form a local git repository so I'm wondering if the compiled files are being left out when I commit?


UPDATE: the latest Azure release (specifically, the Mobile Services backend) supports arbitrary NPM modules - See the section on Mobile Services: NPM Module Support

From the JSDom docs on the npm:

Unfortunately, doing this kind of magic requires C++. And in Node.js, using C++ from JavaScript means using "native modules." Native modules are compiled at installation time so that they work precisely for your machine; that is, you don't download a contextify binary from npm, but instead build one locally after downloading the source from npm.


Since your "native modules" don't have the same signature as whatever machine in azure's "native module" would be signed, it doesn't load.

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